Your Well-Woman Yearly Exam (Annual Exam)

Preventive services can help you stay healthy or catch problems early. Your Well-Woman Yearly Exam is preventive care that is covered under the
Affordable Care Act and by most insurance companies. The following services are included as a part of this annual exam:

  • Height / Weight Measurement
  • BMI Assessment
  • Blood Pressure Assessment
  • Pelvic Exam
  • Breast Exam

Labwork as needed is also covered:

  • Hemoglobin
  • Pap Smear (every 3-5 years with age based guidelines)
  • Urinalysis
  • Cholesterol Screen
  • Diabetes Screen
  • Thyroid Screen
  • STD/STI Screen
  • Colon Cancer Screen

What Is Not Covered Under Preventive Care?

A service is not considered preventive if the doctor diagnoses, monitors or treats an existing problem or symptom.

What If You Receive Preventive and Non-Preventive Care During a Single Visit?

If you receive both types of care during your Well-Woman Yearly Exam, the preventive care portion of your exam will be covered at 100%. You will likely pay a co-payment or coinsurance for any additional services that are not considered preventive. If your plan also includes a deductible, you will be required to pay the cost for non-preventive services until the deductible is met.