Bringing a new life into the world is a very exciting time. The providers at Comprehensive Healthcare for Women, provide care for normal, high-risk and multiple-birth obstetric patients. Our healthcare providers have extensive experience and expertise, and can help you make the best decisions about your care from pre-conception counselling through pregnancy, birth and post-partum experience. We also feel every pregnant women deserves special treatment. This is why we created the Pampered Pregnancy Experience. This “Experience” is only available at Comprehensive Healthcare for Women.

All of our patients have their first prenatal visit at approximately 6 weeks gestation. It is then we take time to explain the course of your prenatal care and to answer your questions. Prenatal ultrasounds are available in our office for your convenience. Our ultrasound technician is certified in nuchal translucency measurements for first trimester screening.

All of our physicians deliver babies at Woodwinds Hospital.

Prenatal visits are scheduled every four weeks in the first and second trimester. From 28-32 weeks on it is every other week; and from 35-36 weeks on it is once a week. At each visit, maternal health is evaluated including nutritional status, weight gain, and risks of urinary tract infection, diabetes, and hypertension. Fetal growth and wellbeing is followed through prenatal testing and ultrasounds as needed. At CHCW, developing relationships is very important. Our physicians make every attempt to be at their patient’s delivery, although it is not always possible.

Typical events to expect during a normal pregnancy course here at Comprehensive Healthcare for Women include:

Week Scheduled Care*
Initial Visit 6-8 This visit is scheduled with our nurse practitioner, Aimee Neumann. A urine pregnancy test will be done to confirm your pregnancy. She will start your prenatal record including medical and obstetric history and genetics questionnaire. Information regarding prenatal classes, prenatal testing and screening, diet, nutrition, vitamins and activity will be discussed, as well as hospital choice. Blood tests may include blood type, RH factor, rubella titer, syphilis screen, antibody titer, hepatitis screen, blood count, HIV and urine culture.
8-10 A viability ultrasound will be done the same day as your exam visit. You will meet again with Aimee to discuss lab results, maternal assessment of weight, blood pressure, and physical exam with pelvic exam including cervical cultures and Pap smear if indicated.
11-13 Genetic testing of the baby can be done via Ultrasound and a two step blood draw. The ultrasound and first lab draw are done between 11 and 13 weeks 6 days gestation.

You will meet with your physician at 12 weeks. This will be the first appointment to hear the fetal heart beat with the Doppler.

16-22 Maternal assessment as above, fetal size and growth and fetal heart tones. Maternal serum screening (MSAFP) for neural tube defects or chromosome abnormalities and cystic fibrosis test drawn, if desired. *This test is Part 2 of the screening test.
20 Maternal and fetal assessment. A routine ultrasound screening is ordered by your physician and done in our office by our Ultrasound Technician. Discuss Prenatal classes.
24-32 Routine monthly maternal and fetal evaluations with fundal height measurements and fetal heart tones. Discuss choice of breast or bottle feeding, also choice of pediatrician. Discuss fetal movement and pre-term labor signs and symptoms. One hour glucose testing to screen for gestational diabetes and repeat blood count. Rhogam injection if you are RH negative.
34 Routine maternal and fetal evaluation. Discuss labor and delivery procedures including pain management options.
36 Vaginal culture for Group B Streptococcus.
36-40 Weekly routine visits including maternal and fetal evaluation, assess fetal position and cervical checks for dilatation and effacement. Urine screening. Review signs and symptoms of labor. Instructions to call the maternity ward if labor symptoms appear, including rupture of membranes or painful, regular contractions.
40+ Maternal and fetal testing, including non-stress testing and discussion of induction of labor.

*The number of visits shown indicates the frequency of visits for most pregnancies. Additional visits may be necessary depending on your individual situation.