December 31, 2017

To our Valued and Respected Patients;

We have a change coming – one we’re excited to announce. Because of it, we will be able to increase the quality and care options for our patients.

As of January 1, 2018, we are joining with Minnesota Women’s Care. This connection is natural for us for a number of reasons, but this is the most important: both organizations focus on providing the most personalized care available and are driven to help our patients live the kind of life they want for themselves. Everything you know and like about Comprehensive remains exactly the same. The big  change comes with the additional services that are now available to you:

LOCATION & PERSONALIZED CARE: The Comprehensive Healthcare for Women office in Woodbury remains exactly the same. The personalized care and attention we have provided in the past continues. There’s a tiny change in our logo, but not in the care you receive.

INSURANCE: Your insurance coverage will remain the same.

HOSPITAL: We will continue to use Woodwinds Hospital in Woodbury.
Added service: If you prefer to use St. John’s Hospital instead, you now have that option.

ADDED SERVICE – MIDWIVES: If you prefer to have maternity care with a midwife, you now have that option without leaving Comprehensive. Our combined practice will have 4 certified midwives from which to choose.

ADDED SERVICE – SPECIALIZATION: Dr. Ashford, the founder of Minnesota Women’s Care, is board-certified in Urogynecology. This means that should you require more complex care to repair a pelvic floor disorder or urological problem, that service is now available to you within our practice.

OTHER SERVICES: Within our new blended practice, we have both an on-site chiropractor and a massage therapist with specific experience in women’s health concerns.

The foundation on which we’ve built our relationship remains the same. It has been our privilege to be your trusted resource for medical care. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you as we enhance our practice with additional services. As an example of the extended services now available, our new OB/PREGNANCY CARE TEAM is shown on the next page. As additional services become available, we’ll keep you informed through email and social media. Feel free to visit for a complete view of the services now available to you.


Dr. Jackie Mahan and the CHCW Team