If you are trying to get pregnant and having problems, you are not alone. Nearly 7 million women in the U.S. report having used infertility services.1

 Infertility has many causes and can be traced to specific problems with either the man or woman’s reproductive organs.  Multiple factors including hormones or environmental concerns can come into play when trying to diagnose infertility and in some cases, the cause is never known.

 Couples struggling with fertility can schedule an appointment for an evaluation at CHCW.  And based on the outcome of your evaluation, a specific treatment may be suggested.

 Trying to get pregnant – and not getting pregnant can be frustrating and emotionally draining on a couple.  It’s important to support each other and get support from others. Find a support group or a group of friends or family that you can talk openly with.  The Hidden Emotions of Fertility is a good blog post that stresses the importance of finding support when dealing with this issue.

 Please call us if you have concerns about fertility or would like to schedule an evaluation. Our compassionate team of providers have worked with many couples over the years and understand how difficult this experience can be.

 At Comprehensive Healthcare for Women it is out goal to be By Your Side for a lifetime of good health.  651-209-6263

1.Centers for Disease Control and Prevention