Instead of a New Years’ Resolution – why not commit to finding healthy ways to spend your free time this year?  Whether it’s a weeks’ vacation or a Saturday afternoon, it’s important to occasionally set aside time to do something simply because it is good for you.

The closets that need cleaning will still be there tomorrow or next week.  Make the healthy decision to take time for you.  Here are some things you can do to recharge:
Relax – meditate, get a facial, take a nap or come into CHCW for a therapeutic massage!
Have fun – go window-shopping, have lunch with a friend, go sliding
Spend time with a loved one – have an indoor picnic or make snow angels
Cook a healthy meal – try something new like  Cauliflower Pizza Crust.  Jeanette, our nutritionist can offer ideas that are just right for you!
Take a walk – go to a yoga class, or dance in your living room
Read a great book – the local library is full of them

Life is busy and it often seems stress, deadlines and non-ending to-do lists are the new normal.  But, taking care of yourself now will help ensure you stay healthy into the future.  Please be good to yourself in 2017.