Can a Regular Breast Self Exam Really Make A Difference?

Our answer is: YES.
Many breast problems are first discovered by women themselves, often by accident. A regular breast self-examination (BSE) involves checking your breasts to help detect problems or changes.

A BSE involves checking your breasts for lumps or changes while standing and lying in different positions and while looking at your breasts in a mirror to note any changes in appearance. Once you know what your breasts normally look and feel like, any new lump or change in appearance should be evaluated by your provider.

Fighting Like A Girl 4_22In 2012 our very own nurse practitioner, Aimee Neumann, found a lump in her breast during a routine self-breast exam. At only 28 years old she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her only risk factor was the fact that she is female.

She underwent a bilateral mastectomy and chemotherapy and fought cancer like only a girl can do! She is back to work and feeling healthier than ever.

Read Aimee’s story on her blog:

Aimee and the entire CHCW staff would like to remind you to please do a monthly self-breast exam. It could save your life.

Signs of breast cancer

  • Lump, knot or thickening inside the breast or underarm area
  • Swelling, warmth or redness
  • Change in breast size or shape
  • Dimpling of the skin or sore/rash on the nipple
  • Nipple discharge or pain in one spot that doesn’t go away

If you see or feel a change in your breasts, see your provider immediately. Most of the time breast changes are not cancer, but doing regular breast self-exams can make a difference in detecting breast problems of any sort.
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