Pampered for website 2(2)In our opinion, every pregnant woman deserves special treatment. In fact, we believe she deserves to be pampered. This belief led us to create the Pampered Pregnancy Experience. And it is an “experience” available only at Comprehensive Healthcare for Women (CHCW).

Along with traditional medical services that are covered by most insurance companies, we go above and beyond – delivering information, gifts and little surprises throughout your pregnancy.

Free to Every Pregnant Patient

No need to sign-up. Every pregnant patient at CHCW is automatically a member of our exclusive Pampered Pregnancy Experience. Right from the start you’ll receive educational information on what to expect during your pregnancy. And you’ll be given gifts or little surprises when you visit.

Following is just a sampling of what you can expect:

  • The CHCW custom Pregnancy Handbook
  • A diaper bag filled with product samples and coupons
  • A discount on your choice of CHCW Workshops for WomenTM
  • Direct access to an OB triage nurse for support
  • Plus spcial surprises

Enjoy a Unique Experience

We want to pamper you throughout your pregnancy because this is a special time in your life and you are special to us. Call 651.209.6263 to schedule your appointment today. We would love to enroll you, even if you are 38 weeks along!

Extra special packages are available for purchase. Gift certificates are also available.